Are Halls Cough Drops Gluten Free?

Are Halls cough drops gluten free? Halls cough drops are not certified gluten-free. The manufacturer does not disclose all of the ingredients on the product label, and they do not use a dedicated production line.

However, the company does make several products that are certified gluten-free, including their menthol-based cough drops.

HALLS is one of the most popular brands of cough drops. The company has been around for more than eighty years, originally founded by Halls Brothers in the United Kingdom. They currently employ over eighty thousand people around the world and are a division of Mondelez International. They make products including Oreos, chocolate bars, and cough drops.

Halls cough drops are available in various flavors including mint, cherry, and menthol. Each product is available in various pack sizes. The company offers sugar free and “natural” cough drops.

They do not list all of the ingredients on the product labels, however. If you are concerned about gluten, you should check the label closely to ensure that no gluten-containing ingredients are present. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about the product.

If you are gluten intolerant, it is important to avoid cough drops containing gluten. Cough drops that contain gluten can be harmful for people with celiac disease, a condition where the body has a hard time absorbing certain nutrients. Some cough drops contain gluten to help create the shape of the product.

There is also a chance that gluten can be present in the packaging, especially if the company does not use a dedicated production line. You should always check the label for the ingredients and consult your doctor before using the product.

There are several brands of cough drops that are considered gluten-free. One brand, Jakeman’s, has three different flavors, including peppermint, chili, and lime. Another brand, Luden’s, does not market gluten and calories containing products.

However, some brands, such as Pine Brothers, may be manufactured differently. You should always check the ingredients list carefully and consult with a dietitian if you are concerned about gluten.

Another brand of cough drops that is certified gluten-free is YumEarth. They have a number of cough drops, including those that are organic, GMO-free, and contain no sulfite. The ingredients list includes cane syrup, vitamin C, and pectin. They also make a line of oblong-shaped cough drops.

Other brands that make gluten-free products include Wedderspoon and Pine Brothers. Both brands offer cough drops that are made in New Zealand. Wedderspoon makes cough drops that are both organic and dairy-free. Pine Brothers makes cough drops that are both gluten-free and softish. You can find both brands online and in stores.

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